Brideonlin: All great parties need a little something to keep them running smoothly. In this situation, the ‘something’ we are referring to is that magical substance called alcohol. Alcohol is that one reliable thing that guarantees you and your guests will enjoy themselves that little bit extra.

However, it can also be a dangerous thing. Since we don’t want to deal with either you or your guests passed out on the floor or throwing up over the dance floor, it’s essential that some thought and planning goes into the alcohol before the wedding. It’s also important to consider just how much alcohol you will be supplying, the actual alcoholic content in the wine that will be on the tables and – perhaps most importantly – how you and your fiancé will get through the night without it resulting in a night that you won’t end up remembering. Here are 3 tips:

Pace yourself

Although it may seem obvious, pacing your alcohol intake throughout your wedding night is one of the biggest ways to ensure you don’t go overboard. As a general rule, try not to have strong alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach as this can get you off to a bad start. Instead, monitor your intake so that you have a little bit every half hour to hour. Pacing yourself will help you feel great the entire night, as you won’t have the after effects of the alcoholic high that results from drinking too much, too soon.

The glass per course rule

It’s your wedding and it’s only natural that you want to celebrate, so allow yourself a glass or two of the sparkling champy. Try keeping your intake to one glass of wine or champagne per course of food. This is a good way to keep track of your drinks but at the same time not limit yourself so you feel restricted. Don’t forget that these glasses of wine should preferably be with a light wine of low alcoholic content. Down too much wine with a high alcoholic content and the night, together with your memory of it will get fuzzier as it wears on.

Celebration is not always about drinking

There is no doubt about it that weddings play a hugely significant role for the bride and groom. There are many ways to celebrate such an important milestone – many ways that don’t involve drinking. Celebrating does not always have to synonymous with a glass of champagne or an exotic cocktail. Break tradition and swap spirits for mineral water and you’ll be able to be fully present at your wedding (and enjoy it just as much).

The above 3 tips are suggestions to take on board if you are interested in enjoying your wedding without the use of excessive alcohol consumption. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours. But if these tips resonate with you, why not give them a go? The worst that can happen is that you’ll be completely sober. Now, hold that thought while I get a glass of water. Mmmm, water is de-licious!

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